Using Google Tag Manager with AngularJS

Software Development, Web programming, Web statistics
One would expect that being Angular a Google product and Google Tag Manager another of their products combining them would be quite simple and straightforward, but I personally had my doubts and not much documentation on how are we supposed to make them work. Should I just paste the code as usual or will that get into conflict with Angular? Is it going to register "page views" whenever I change the routing or not as it's not a standard page view? I checked some things and here are some of my results: Adding Google Tag Manager snippet into the page First of all, I didn't find any problem with just copy-pasting the code before the /body closing tag, but I wanted to angularize it and have everything in one piece…
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Youtube doesn’t count views as complete visualizations

Web statistics
Uh oh! It seems the views counter on Youtube isn't as real as we could think it was! (well ok we didn't). With the new 10 hours limit for videos that Youtube has set we can now enjoy the 10 hours Nyan Cat. Yes, wonderful, I know. But if you have a look at the views counter you'll see more than 875.000 views (at the moment I'm writing this entry). So the question is... have 876.000 people really spent 10 hours viewing that video? So it looks like a Youtube visualization is not a visualization of the full video, neither half or a quarter or only its 10%... as it's hard to believe that nearly 900.000 people have watched even a 10% (1 hour) of that video. So it seems…
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