Salesforce Pardot forms

What is a Pardot form?

Salesforce Pardot forms are a combo between a user tracking script that registers users navigation throughout your website and Form registration like the form-to-lead approach which does the same but without tracking data.

What do I need?

First of, you need to set the tracking code into your website, which you should be able to find at Salesforce.

Then, you also need to set a form in your website to allow the users to register. This can be done in two ways: creating a form and its fields at Salesforce and attaching an iframe to your website with such form or with what’s called form-handler: create your own form and “POST” it to Salesforce, which obviously is the way we devs do it 😉

How do I know what to send in that form?

The fields to send in the form, both visible and hidden, are the same ones as configured at salesforce for this “campaign”, so you only need to check at salesforce what’s expected.

Where do I post the form to?

Same as with the fields, when this campaign is configured at salesforce there is a url provided to where to post this form, so you just need to set that in the form action.

Be warned though that if you attempt to send it via AJAX you will probably hit CORS issues, and if you send it using the BackEnd you may miss the Cookies.

The cookies have been created by the tracker script and have the relevant user tracking details for this Pardot method, without them this is not so different from a form-to-lead approach, so to ensure the cookies are attached just posting the form is the best approach.

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