About me...


Due to the different projects on which I’ve been involved I’ve had to perform all type of positions, responsibilities and tasks; which has let me to have a very global vision of all areas that make up a project.

Thus, I have knowledge on web usability and ergonomics, search engine optimization (SEO), analysis of requirements and functionalities, development of the project architecture, database design, configuration and maintenance of IIS and Apache servers, online marketing (presence at web 2.0, viral campaigns, promotional banners, AdWords, etc.), intern teams management and extern teams supervision, etc.

Despite that, my speciality it’s programming, on where I can contribute lots of experience and knowledge in development methodologies as well as knowledge on the web working process, complementary technologies and all that involves web developing.

I have knowledge and experience on team management, I always try to use a democratic lead reserving me the final decision and being supported by the different specialists. I prefer to motivate the team making them part of the project boosting their promotion and expectatives and searching their professional growth with me and with the company.

I also possess a high energy with which I overwhelm on every place, my motivation and involvement on the projects where I've been resulted on me as a fundamental pillar of them due, in part, to my leadership qualities.

Regarding to my hobbies, I like a lot politics, economics, psychology, photography, computer games and of course, computers, which is my high passion.